KICKER CX Series Amplifier, 4 x 75W

CX600.5 Amplifier
The CX 600.5 Amplifier is built to be the complete package in a single amplifier.

A wide range of input levels make this amp incredibly easy to hook up, using a factory radio or aftermarket with equal ease. Class D technology to powers four mid/high range channels and one big bass channel. An enormous 12dB of variable bass boost with KickEQ™ lets you get that extra bump with the optional volume knob. A powerful crossover and 24dB subsonic filter is also included, letting you quickly customize your sound to perfection.

This CX amplifier delivers as much as 75 watts per channel (4 channels driven), or 150 watts into two sets of bridged channels. A separate subwoofer channel delivers as much as 300 watts. See below for more details.

CX600.5 Specifications
RMS Power, AMP1 and AMP2
@ 14.4V, 4Ω stereo, ≤ 1% THD+N : 40W x 4
@ 14.4V, 2Ω stereo, ≤ 1% THD+N : 75W x 4
@ 14.4V, 4Ω mono, ≤ 1% THD+N : 150W x 2
RMS Power, SUB channel
@ 14.4V, 2Ω mono, ≤ 1.5% THD+N : 300W x 1
@ 14.4V, 4Ω mono, ≤ 1.5% THD+N : 150W x 1
Length [in, cm]
14, 36
Height [in, cm]
2-3/8, 6
Width [in, cm]
7-3/16, 18
Frequency Response ± 1dB
AMPS 1-2:10Hz–20kHz
Signal-to-noise Ratio
AMPS 1-2: >95dB, A-weighted, re: rated power
SUB: >90dB, A-weighted, re: rated power
Input Sensitivity
Low Level: 125mV–5V
High Level: 250mV–10V
Electronic Crossover
AMPS 1-2: HI/OFF [bypass], 50–200Hz, 12dB/octave;
SUB: Variable low-pass, 50–200Hz, 24dB/octave
Bass Boost
Variable 0–12dB @ 40Hz
Subsonic Filter
24dB/Octave, Fixed @ 25Hz
Remote Bass
Yes [sold separately]

KICKER CX Series Amplifier, 4 x 75W

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